Have To Adjust

Three friends come together to move beyond the changes that the pandemic has brought to their world. They go from losing jobs and homes to closing up a business. Even with defeat in the air, they find the will to move on. To survive, they Have To Adjust...

47 Ways

Billy and Tre have been friends since they were children. There isn't a thing that they wouldn't do for each other. In fact, the friendship between Billy and Tre has been tested a total of 46 times. Somehow, they will have to lean on that friendship one more time to show that there is 47 ways to describe their bond.


Christopher Redd is a musical star. His music is heard everywhere. Everyone loves Chris Redd, especially the ladies. He travels around the globe to different place and finds an exoctic young lady to play with once he gets there. In one of his chance encounters he discovers he is going to be a father and his world in an instance changes.

'Bout That Life

Tracy has a knack for getting into and out of anything. She can pick a lock and even negotiate the combination to a safe. Her latest actions removes her from her familiar world and she finds that she has entered a completely different world. Here is where she finds out if she is 'Bout That Life.


Celeste Carson
3-script suspense concept with Detective Celeste Carson... Designated Profile, Queen's Gambit & Close To The Vest

Tracy Holloway
3-script action concept with Tracy Holloway... 'Bout That Life, 36 Seconds & Madame Zenobia's

Stitch In Time
Initial 3-script introduction into a sci-fi concept where time is able to be controlled


Prescription: K9
AJ is starting his life over, due to divorce; and he is doing this experience with a dog ~ something he knows nothing about. Circumstances present an opportunity for both to be in each other's lives ~ seems like what the doctor ordered.
Christopher Madison is in an unusual position; he can go through a court-martial or take part in a special initiative with the U.S. Coast Guard and lead a special response team to track and hunt down a ruthless killer.
Leslie Matthews is a L.A.P.D. officer. She has served Los Angeles for over seven years, but she is going to throw it all away to get to the bottom of some madness. She needs answers and the badge is in the way.


A Mile Away
Five friends need to lean on their favorite thing to do and each other. Everyone has reached a crossroads in their lives. If they make proper decisions - success is only A Mile Away.

Brown Eyes
Sweet Kennedy is moving out on her own. Her girlfriend since the days of building sandcastles at daycare is her new roommate. The two of them are ready to see the world, especially through those innocent Brown Eyes.

Steven and Toni are dating. Toni is open minded and says that she can accept most things, except lying. Steven makes the mistake of lying and oh how things change.


Bite The Hand
"I'm feeling like a modern day Rip Van Winkle. Seems like so much has changed since I have been away. It does seem like it's not only the buildings that have changed. The people look and feel a little different. Maybe it is me."
being prepared as a feature-length

Tommy's Steps
"I am taking the time to evaluate where I am in my life. I am discovering the challenges that have plagued me and where my issues truly stem from. They have truly been weighing me down. I gotta' get a handle on this."
being prepared as a feature-length


Watch What You Say
During one of the wedding rehersals, Mickey and others reveal what they feel about marriage in what they think are jokes. However the wives get wind of these statements and are not laughing ~ and the fellas do not know that the ladies have heard the jokes.

Fourth and Inches
Tim Broaster has been in and out of trouble since high school. His world was football, but now he does petty theft and other misdemeanors that get him in trouble with the law. In one of his crimes he get community sevice as a form of punishment. That community sevice offers him a chance of his lifetime.

Reggie Adams bought a house. He has made plans to decorate in various themes. One of thoses themes is a swash-buckling / pirate kind of vibe. For this he requires an authentic pirate's chest and he finds one. This chest has something hidden inside of it and what happens next to Reggie - you have to see to believe.

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