Mini Mix Factory

Our music division, the Mini Mix Factory, has developed a new way to enjoy your music.

We call it the Mini Mix. The product series consists of 2-, 3-, 4- & 5-song mixes.

To hear a sample, go to Maximum Rhythm.

Healthy Personal Chef

We have grown our food catering service to another level. Our focus is now geared towards what food does for the body and what we can do with those various delicious foods.

Within the Healthy Personal Chef you can discover many healthy tips for your diet

The Pen

We are working on a story of a man, who has lost everything since the onset of the pandemic. He has been given a new start and with great blessings. He has been 'given' a house. Along with this house comes a little surprise; a K9 surprise

Prescription: K9
Is this just what the doctor ordered...?

On the Horizon...

112 Mini Mix...112 v01B

All I Want Is You
Dance With Me
Peaches & Cream

Aaliyah Mini Mix...Aaliyah v01A

Rock The Boat
Try Again

MI Eye
The photographic eye of D. Barnes is being laid out in a visual series. Our photos, graphics and such are provide by him. We want to showcase some of his selections right here. He is going with a nature theme.

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