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Mini Mix Factory's Segments
The Mini Mix Factory, the audio division of Mirror Immage, has created the Mini Mix°. The Mini Mix° takes the world to a new level of music enjoyment. We have made special productions using the Mini Mix° series to aid broadcasts in an effort to maximize on their sponsorship opportunities. By using a Mini Mix°, broadcast companies will add to their financial bottom line ~ without increasing the spending budget.

Above, you see the Mini Mix° Cruise Control v80A with Prince & Rihanna. This is a 2-song production. The songs have been rhythmically interlaced to create a non-stop flow of music. The results and benefits are many. Our mini mixes are getting rave reviews and we are fielding a constant request for more.

If you are in the broadcast industry, you want to take a look at how a Mini Mix° Segment can benefit you and your broadcasts.
° patent pending

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