On The Mind

Who are you calling a man?
We seem to be referring to 'guys' as men lately. Everyone you see over the age of 21 is not a man.

Tip Of The Tongue

Body Count?
When evaluating whether you want to interact with a potential mate, do you ask about their sexual partners?

From The Heart

What differences do you like?
What is different from you that you like in your mate?

Dee's Corner

Yes, Yes... We are back on track. The Good Life Express is underway. Here is where we can get a different point of view on some modern-day subjects ~ a Grown-Folk's Approach.

Now when we say Grown-Folks we are not talking so much about age as we are talking about mentality ~ how you see and approach things. Our GROWN-FOLKS' APPROACH simply means a mature mindset as we have a good time.

So as we enjoy some creative mixes, we start a little dialogue to open the conversation from a different perspective. And the sauce is thick out there; we have a few subjects to hit along the way. Ohh, it also doesn't mean we are always listening to the Old School ~ GROWN-FOLKS know how to get it in too.

Welcome to The Good Life Express.

Dymond the DJ!