Importance of Veterinarian
There have been some debates about vaccines. Here at 4 Puppy Mom, we believe in the interaction with a veterinarian. They provide vast knowledge about how to care for our fur-babies. A 'Vet' has great knowledge of our canine companions and the things that may ail them.

4 Puppy Mom suggest that at best that you consult with a veterinarian with many of you pup's needs.


What's good for my Pup to eat?
When feeding a dog, we are looking for quality ingredients that are considered appropriate for our fur-baby's digestive system. The ingredients we speak of should be meat, vegetables, fruits and grains.

Dogs are not strictly carnivores. Their diet may consist of a good majority of meat, however our fur-babies can pull various nutrients from a diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and grains as well as the meat.


How much exercise does a dog need?
Of course you are going to want to give your fur-baby all the exercise they need. The actual amount of exercise will vary from your dog's age, health and their particular breed; Not to mention, you will need to factor in your lifestyle as well.

If you are a relaxed person then getting an active dog breed may not be the right choice for either of you. And if you are an active person, then the small toy breeds may not be a good fit either.

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