Potty Training
We want our new fur-babies to share the house with us. So potty training is a must. We knew we needed a few items to get this task done...
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Learning Their Drive
These two are 8 weeks old. They are showing normal puppy behavior. They will eat and play with each other for about 30 minuters to an hour then...
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Getting The Right Diet
We went out and bought the food that the co-worker said they were feeding the pups. It did not seem to completely agree with them...
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4 Puppy Mom

Becoming A Puppy Mom
We are just now getting into this space - together. I had my animals when I was younger. He has had dogs for most of his life. I know I have him to lean on.

I have found these beautiful creatures to be really amazing. When my man asked if we wanted to rescue these pups that a co-worker of his needed to find homes for, I thought that would be great to share this with him and at the same time develop a genuine real relationship with such wonderful creatures.

So starts the journey into the world of dogs... I have been looking for information to better live with my fur-babies and they live with me. I wanted to know what are the types of diet that maybe out there so that we are offering them the best nutrition. I wanted to know about various techniques to offer them training and other behavioral practices that will allow them to function with us, family and society. The thought was to pool all of this info and share it with other puppy moms. Welcome to 4 Puppy Mom!

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