Bringing Home a Dog

We have made the decision to bring home a pup. We asked each other if we were ready for this type of commitment. This dog would be a part of our lives and not just an attachment of our lives. The type of dog breed that this dog comes from has a life span that can reach 15 years old. So, if we are in it... we are in it for a good while and things like health, behavior and such will be part of the make up.

The decision was to pick-up the pup at the end of the week (like Friday). By picking up towards the end of the week, gives a potential few days straight to bond with your new pup. The environment is new for them; that will include sounds & smells ~ not to mention the different things or people they will discover with you in the first 48 hours of meeting you.

We decided on introducing one room at a time. The potty training and the pup's energy dictates how fast and what rooms would be next.
We are Potty Training at 8 weeks old

We want our new fur-babies to share the house with us. So potty training is a must. We knew we needed a few items to get this task done. We have a kennel and a pen wrapped around the kennel. The puppies can roam outside of the kennel and a puppy pee-pad can be used. This will allow the puppy to learn to control eleavating themselves to the pads. As well, the pen and kennel are in a room close to the door to go outside. This will allow us to walk the puppies outside to use the bathroom.

Remember to adhere to a schedule when potty training. What works best for young puppies (8 weeks to 6 months) is first thing in the morning and right before bed. After a feeding and/or water ~ It is important to remember to go outside directly after the feeding (and naps).

If you anticipate stays away from your fur-baby a little longer than normal and they may not have access to go outside during that time, you may want to train / condition for those stays or prepare your pup to use a pad of some sort.

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